Dear Colleagues,

The Syria crisis in now in year seven, with a severe impact on Syria and neighboring countries.  New solutions are needed to stimulate the business climate and create jobs. Given the complexity, there are many challenges and uncertainties requiring expanded partnership and catalytic investments in knowledge, capacities and resources to generate business growth, attract investment, and create jobs.

We would like to invite businesses, entrepreneurs, people involved in skill-building, livelihoods, and economic development to come together and engage in a proven innovation process from Stanford University to develop new business solutions. The discussion will make the most of the recommendations made by the recently published Jobs Make the Difference: Expanding Economic Opportunities for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities (Egypt - Iraq  -  Jordan - Lebanon - Syria – Turkey) developed by the United Nations Development Programme, the World Food Programme and the International Labour Organisation. The workshop is being convened in collaboration with Microsoft.

The workshop will be a highly-interactive two days exercise where we will look at barriers identified in the report and together discover breakthrough solutions that will generate jobs and support a robust economy in the region.

The workshop will take place on 28-29 January, 2018 in Jordan. The agenda and logistics note will follow.  We look forward to a very productive and exciting workshop.


Best Regards on Behalf of,

Stakeholders Consultation Task Team